Rolling Stones Estate

A group of 5 friends serendipitously came together a when a beautiful site in the Nandi hill range fell into their laps. This 5 acre plot is unique in its location with a feel of being ‘nestled’ within hills and a distant horizon. The sacred Nandi drop forms a large part of the panorama and offers the place its holy energy. A slope of about 35 degrees and a scatter of rocks set the tone for the built type to emerge.

It was decided to keep the houses as compact as possible in footprint, allowing spaces to be organized vertically, to experience the shifting perspective vision this dynamic site had to offer.

The lower space is a hollowed out open verandah, conceived as semi-public in nature and works well to interact with the helper community and large crowds, keeping the private spaces at higher levels undisturbed.


Holiday Homes / Farm House community


Foothills of Nandi


5 acres

Built area

1850, 2500 & 1500sft respectively


Sandeep Bangera, Mohan Reddy & Balachandra


Kalki Karthikeyan, Darshil Rupareliya, Priyanka Kiri, Karthik Mohan, Meeta Jain

Structural consultant

B.L. Manjunath & Co.


Sandeep Bangera


By Client


Purshottam and First Hand