We are a multidisciplinary design studio established in 2002. Our range of expertise extends from architecture, interiors, temporary spaces, landscape to site planning for projects of a larger scale.

Our philosophy is to create built environments that may be inanimate but have a special living quality to them. A staircase that is also a viewing galley, a railing that is also a seat , holiday homes with shifting perspectives of the distant valley are the many vibrant elements present in our architecture ;While ensuring a strong core of functional utility, in tune with our clients’ requirements, runs through our structures.

Meeta Jain Architects also aspires that our design work infuses joy into the lives of people. A unique material pallet is evolved for each project recognizing and honoring the predilections of the client. Arrangement of spaces and movement in our designs is intimate, so it allows all occupants to feel psychologically connected as a whole. We also consciously incorporate possibilities of new / multiple space uses, and their adaptability for future .  Spaces can have a transformational effect over people and we wield this power as a privilege.


The studio is currently a team of six designers led by Meeta Jain. She is a graduate of the prestigious Centre for Environment Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad and was a resident at ETH Zurich , under Students Exchange Residency program in 1994.   Vagish Naganur is a partner to MJA, who is also an alumnus of CEPT, with a specialization in Landscape design and Masterplanning.  MJA also works with a range of associates who are best their fields to deliver a wide range of expertise needed for multifaceted projects.


Apart from our commercial projects, we are also active in the community sphere contributing to many public art and education projects that benefit the city as a whole. In 2009 the team began to think if one could design temporary spaces or envision new space models that challenge existing stereotype models in different realms of Art, Culture, Education and Spaces! So an alternative practice, Mapbee, was born , that also became a way to work with different creative practitioners and bringing them under one umbrella.

So far Mapbee has  done projects in realm of public space, education, waste recycling, mobile exhibitions, play spaces and dismantable homes.