Castle of Light, Rain & Leisure

A grand house articulating the needs and lifestyle of a neurologist  hailing from IRAN, who is  a lover of nature .

The heart of the structure has a triple height courtyard with bedrooms placed on its periphery. this court is the inner garden of the house which bring in rain through a  monumental rain chain right  into the centre of living and dining spaces .

Prominent garden spaces on the ground floor and cover play terrace on the upper floor are other marked features of this mini castle.

The  form has elements on the exterior such as rough granite  stone  fins,  pivoting louvers,  creating an image of “purdah”. the skyline has a rising service element containing duct and water tanks that have been crafted in image of  “minarets”


A large family residence


Chikkagubbi, Bangalore

Built Area

8000 sft


Nayeem  Sadeeq, Neurologist


Karthik Mohan, Sneha Moorthy, Nirav Tejani, Viral Bhanvaidiya, Abhiroop Dutta, Meeta Jain


Sneha Moorthy, Nirav Tejani,Meeta Jain


Vagish Naganur


Karthik creations, Mouneshwara interiors