Gokuldas Fashion Studio

Gokuldas Images Bangalore, a Garment Co. client had a requirement for a Fashion design studio space in their existing headquarters building in industrial suburbs. The space identified for the purpose was a terrace space on the first floor covered with two feet deep pergolas at only eight feet above floor.

Programmatically the studio would be the first creative hub for in-house apparel designing for a client who had so far, been only into production for foreign garment buyers. The project was undertaken in association with G. Leuzinger (Blr) where he undertook the responsibilities of completing external envelope  i.e. the roof and the glazed wall on garden side and we dealt with articulation of interiors space and furniture design.


Design studio/ corporate


Peenya, Bangalore


Designer’s work station, pattern room, presentation room

Shop Floor

2500 sft


Gokuldas Images

Design Team

Meeta Jain, Georg Leuzinger