Corporate Head Quarters Indusfila

The headquarters of Indus Fila located in Suburbs of Peenya offered an opportunity to express uniquely. Vivid colored striped façade on the exterior aptly speaks world of fabric and garments within.

However the interior spaces are consciously kept devoid of color and derive their character primarily by the use of materials which are expressed in their natural form. Exposed concrete, recycled wood and VDF floor form the backdrop within which the office interior manifests. In the interior, with most elements primarily made of recycled pine wood and occasionally paper rolls, the color comes from the fabric being used, and the designed produced.

The task was to accommodate varied kind of work spaces interspersed with showroom spaces. These showroom form acts as a variant within the overall theme, in form as well as materiality standing out as distinct creatures in metallic finishes.


Corporate workplace/ headquarters


Peenya, Bangalore


Workspaces, conference rooms, garment showroom, cafeteria, reception, exhibition spaces, terrace garden

Shop Floor



Indus Fila

Design Team

Syed Hassan, Meeta Jain