Mysuru Dusshera Culture Park

Development of Dussehera Grounds, Mysore  is project aimed to design a cultural park which promotes Dusshera festival exhibitions, Local crafts and cultures of Karnataka and India. The project intention is to invite local as well as global tourists at a grander scale.

The site is located at Mysore, opposite the Mysore palace which has very prominent cultural and architectural significance. During Dussehra, the ground is very active with festival and exhibitions, but is dead during non-festive seasons.  The ground is set to be active round the year, inviting more public and enhancing the tourism by including activities like children’s park, sculpture park, Mysore haat, Expo halls for innovative exhibitions, amphitheater, water bodies  and other public gardens.

The project is awarded in 2019 to the consortium of team MJA+MRC through winning the open bid call.


Department of Tourism, Karnataka

Land Area

70 Acres

Estimated cost

135 crores

Design Consortium 

Meeta Jain Architects, Bangalore & Mahendra Raj Consultants PVT LTD & (Studio VanRO), Delhi


Mahendra Raj Consultants PVT LTD & (Studio VanRO), Delhi

Landscape Architect

Vagish Naganur

Structural Design

Mahendra Raj Consultants PVT LTD

Design Team MJA

Meeta Jain ,Vagish Naganur, Anirudh Shankar, Prachi Bedia, Nityashree ,Nikunj Saswani