House of a Seed Saver

Sangita Sharma, an avid organic farmer and campaigner created a seedbank, Annadana on the very farmland she grew up in.

Back in 2002,  when she returned home to Bangalore, after a long stint at globetrotting, she was gifted a site within the coconut tree grove by her loving parents to build her own haven.

A small 2 bedroom house with a living space positioned itself under the tree grove, unobtrusively. The sculpting of house was attempted through these elements

  • The tilting roof of living room , opening to sky to gather the “being under the canopy” experience
  • The sweeping curved stone wall that backdrops the living space. Also directing itself to the western horizons
  • The cylindrical shaft that at once contains 3 special functions, the study, the meditation room and the water tank.



Family Home / Farm House


Gogpathy farms, Singapura , Bangalore


5 acres

Built area

1500 sft


Ms. Sangita Sharma, Soil and Seed Saver ( Annadana)

Architecture & Interiors

Meeta Jain

Structural consultant

T S Vasudevan, Cruthi Consultants


Vagish Naganur