Uran Khatola

In a moment of epiphany a toy maker couple living in an Indian metro decided they could no more postpone the life of their dreams. Explorers at heart, their love for children and travel drove them to question the idea of home itself. ‘Your house shall not be an anchor but a mast ,a poet’s voice beckoned. They took a minibus, reshaped and crafted into a mobile home calling it Uran Khatola , ‘flying cart’ . Designed for all weather conditions this compact home accommodated living elements that are hyper versatile, with tucked loft bed spaces and multiple storage nooks. But the most expressive space at the tail-end is the duo’s little toy lab from where their creations are churned out.

The overall profiling of this mobile home is toy- like in nature and inciting multiple imaginations, one of shipdeck, a machaan ,a flying bird ,a fish , a quirky creature all at the same time. When Uran Khatola arrives, street children chase it , and eagerly wait for it to unfold like a magical box. The lab wall if is lowered like boarding platform , to reveal magical creations , aerodynamic installations, wind chimes, pinwheels, kites and scrap toys et all. Day time is spent partly in selling these toys or teaching children to make their own playthings. At night the mobile home’s upper deck becomes a unique camping site, to star gaze and a shared ‘dream space’.

The duo move around the countryside spreading a fresh approach to sustainable living, inspiring the message of chasing for ones dreams, a life infused with magic and creativity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]